Unhealthy Food and Beverage Consumption


Regardless of benefactor—marketer or policy maker—understanding purchase processes of unhealthy food and beverage options would be of value. Yet, quantitative investigation into this domain is not complete; to address this research lacuna, data were collected to help explicate purchase processes for corn-fed beef and soft drinks made with artificial sugar. Specifically, nutrition information usage, organic food brand tribalism, self-esteem, and feelings about shopping smart for healthy food were modeled as chronological determinants of intentions to purchase corn-fed beef and soft drinks. The data collected support this sequential model. Managerial implications and future research directions are discussed.


Sierra, J., Turri, A., Taute, H., Unhealthy Food and Beverage Consumption: An Investigative Model. Journal of Foodservice Business Research. Volume: 18 Issue: 5 Pages: 470-488 Published NOV-DEC 2015.