Reassessment of The New English Weekly's Reports on Organic Issues

Abstract: This article offers a reassessment of the New English Weekly: A Review of Public Affairs, Literature and the Arts (1932-1949). In contrast to previous assessments, which have looked predominantly at its agricultural content within the period 1939-1949, this article focuses on the organic issues it featured from 1934 onward. In doing so, it highlights that the journal facilitated the evolution of the British organic movement throughout its existence. By situating the journal in the context of organic husbandry in the 1930s-1940s it examines some of the central concerns of the organic movement, including: soil erosion, soil fertility, nutrition, and health. Crucially, it also reveals some of its more everyday preoccupations with culinary skills and recipe books. Finally, it illustrates that a detailed examination of the journal reveals some of the forgotten figures and documents of the organic movement.

Reference: Diaper, J. (2014). The New English Weekly and the British Organic Husbandry Movement: A Reassessment. Agricultural History 88(3): 336-353. Available online at