Quality of Organic and Conventional Carrots

Abstract: At Jogeva Plant Breeding Institute, cultivation of the Estonian carrot variety 'Jogeva Nantes' conventionally (with application of mineral fertilizers: N 115, P 40 and K 152 kg ha(-1) and pesticides: Fenix, Actara 25 WG, Agil and Signum) and organically (compost, Humistar, agryl cover) was compared. Marketable yield of organic carrots was 11% higher than that of conventionally grown carrots. Conventional carrots contained pesticide residues and had significantly higher nitrate concentration than organic carrots. Contents of dry matter, total sugars, soluble solids, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium did not significantly differ between carrots between cultivation systems. The contents of B-carotene, vitamin C and nitrogen were significantly lower in organically grown than in conventionally grown carrot.

Reference: Bender, I., Ess, M., Matt, D., Moor, U., Tonutare, T., and Luik, A. (2009). Quality of organic and conventional carrots. Agronomy Research 7(2) Special Issue: 572-577.