Promotion of Organic Agriculture for Safer Foods from Safer Environments in Sub-Saharan Africa

Abstract: In the beginning, all agriculture was organic and world population was manageable. However, the world population has exploded, forcing agriculture to become intensive, industrialized and distorted. In the end, the ecological pyramid has become skewed and pushed off-balance, leading to health risks associated with consumption of intensively produced foodstuffs. Development and promotion of a combination of organic agriculture (based on the principles of health, ecology, fairness and care) and Sustainable Intensification of Agriculture (producing more with fewer inputs) are suggested so that agricultural production in sub-Saharan Africa could be less dangerous to health, less expensive and natural resources- and environment-"friendly".

Reference: Amalu, U. C. (2014). Organic agriculture imperatives and sustainable intensification of agriculture: safer foods from safer environments for an exploding population in sub-Saharan Africa. Journal of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Ecology 7(1): 1-19.