Organic and Inorganic Amendments – Effect on Strawberries

Abstract: The nutrition of food is increasingly important to consumers. The popularity of organic food rests partly on the assumption that these products are healthier despite a lack of conclusive evidence. The effects of organic and inorganic fertilizer amendments on parameters of strawberry fruit quality, in terms of sugar, macro- and micro-nutrients concentrations, and total antioxidant capacity were compared. RESULTS: Treatments did not affect sugar content or total antioxidant capacity. Inorganic fertilizer treatments increased S and Mn content of berries compared to organic treatments. The K and P content of berries differed among years. CONCLUSIONS: Organic amendments did not increase the fruit quality of strawberries compared to inorganic amendments. © 2008 Society of Chemical Industry

Reference: Hargreaves, J.C., Adl, M.S., Warman, P.R., Rupasinghe, H.P.V. (2009). The effects of organic and conventional nutrient amendments on strawberry cultivation: Fruit yield and quality. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 88(15): 2669-2675. Available online at: