Nutritional Qualities of Bread

Abstract: What factors influence the nutrient content of grains, and what role does organic farming have to play? The nutrient differences between organic and conventional grains tend to be less than those found in fruits and vegetables. There is agreement that consistent differences do exist, however, especially in antioxidant levels. Organic and low-input agricultural systems, with their lack of chemical pesticide use, are exposed more to external stresses and as a result often have higher phytochemical content. Recent research shows that all varieties of wheat contain significant amounts of antioxidants, which play important roles in human health.

Reference: Smith, Erin, Charles Benbrook and Donald R. Davis. (2012). With the Grain: A closer look at the nutrient quality of grain, grain-based productions, and the role of organic agriculture. The Organic Center. 30 p. Available online at: