Nutritional Comparisons of Fruits, Vegetables and Juices

Abstract: The nutritional quality of food produced by organic farming in comparison with conventional farming is a current topic that focuses interest and generates discussion. This paper presents a review of the relevant literature of comparative studies on organic and conventional food. In line with several reports on organic fruit and vegetable quality, the data obtained from a wide evaluation of Polish organic versus conventional crops are compared and discussed. This comparative study covered 33 neighbouring pairs of organic/conventional fields with six evaluated species. The data on dry matter, sugar, organic acids and polyphenols content are provided, along with a special respect to mineral content of fruit and vegetable juices. Some issues on the methodological aspects of such comparative studies are presented.

Reference: Gastol, M., and I. Domagala-Swiatkiewicz. (2013.) Comparing nutritional content of fruits, vegetables and juices from organic and conventional crops. CAB Reviews 8(60): 1-10.