Need for Research to Support Consumer Confidence in the Growing Organic Market

Background and methodology:

This paper investigates organic food with respect to the law (certification, inspection, and labeling), the market, the customer and organic food itself. Despite research work carried out on different aspects of organic food, there is not yet a method (or methods) for routine use in authentication of organic food products. The issues of organic food safety and potential nutritional benefits are also under study as controversial claims. Research to support and meet the needs of farmers and markets concerning claims on authenticity, safety and nutritional values of organic crops is necessary and discussed in this paper.


The organic farming and organic food markets are growing fast. The customers—due to health concerns, environmental consciousness and social status consideration, among other reasons—are interested in the products of organic farming. At the same time, they want to have more information on these products they buy (often at higher prices) and eat. After studying the regulatory and inspection system, researchers found that the inspection procedures for confirming the origin of products may be not sufficient and should be supported by scientific findings and analytical tools. Research should accompany the expansion of organic farming and organic food production. Research related to organic farming is an important aspect of the growth process, and it should be well supported.


Siderer, Y., Maquet, A., & Anklam, E. (2005). Need for research to support consumer confidence in the growing organic food market. Trends in Food Science and Technology 16(8), 332-343. Available on–line at: