Lipid Content of Organic Milk

Abstract: Organic can be defined as that produced food system that does not use synthetic pesticides or other toxic artificial inputs and genetically modified organisms. There are few data available on organic milk in the literature, but there are indications that this has a higher nutritional content compared to milk produced in the conventional system. The objective of this study was to characterize the lipid content of organic milk from a property located in the middle region of Minas Gerais-MG. The milk samples were randomly collected from 28 lactating cows in the months of February, May, August and November 2010. The analysis of lipid content showed significant differences when compared to values for conventional milk. This fact may be related to several factors: the animals' diet, breed and stage of lactation, among others.               

References: Toledo, J. C.; Rodrigues, R. D.; Souza, R. R. de; Silva, M. V. A. da. (2012). Evaluation of the lipid content in organic milk on a farm in Triangulo Mineiro, MG. Pubvet 6(7), n.p