Impacts of UK Broiler and Egg Production Systems

Abstract: Life cycle assessment procedures are applied to compare the environmental impact of producing broiler meat and eggs in different management systems. The input and output parameters used in the calculations are obtained from the UK broiler and egg industry. The broiler systems included in the study are the standard indoor, free range and organic production, while the egg production systems are conventional cage, barn, free range and organic laying. It is highlighted that there are relatively large differences in many categories of the environmental impacts between different UK broiler and egg production systems and generally these reflect the differences in the efficiency in production, feed consumption (and related production of manure) and material and energy use.

Reference: Leinonen, I., and I. Kyriazakis. (2013). Quantifying the environmental impacts of UK broiler and egg production systems. Lohmann Information 48(2): 45-50. Online: