Developing a Database of Vegetable Nutrients and Contaminants

Abstract: Dietary intake assessment can be considered as a two-step process consisting of collecting and evaluating food composition data, and combining these data with food consumption data. The purpose of this study was to develop databases of nutrient and contaminant concentrations in organic and conventional vegetables and potatoes based on internationally available secondary data. Databases, as described here, are important in (1) comparing the composition of similar foods (organic versus conventional) and (2) assessing probabilistically the combined intake of nutrients and contaminants when nutritional and toxicological dimensions of food consumption are being studied simultaneously. © 2008 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Reference: Hoefkens, C., et. al. (2009). Development of vegetable composition databases based on available data for probabilistic nutrient and contaminant intake assessments. Food Chemistry 113(3): 799-803. Available online at: