Consumer Behavior and Organic Food

Abstract: The aim of the paper is to provide a research instrument, a very detailed questionnaire, created with the purpose to investigate consumers' behaviour on organic food. The questionnaire has a very comprehensive structure in order to create a complex image of consumers and to generate information useful to promote organic agriculture and consumption of organic food products. At the same time, due to its structure, this research instrument provides the highest chances to be suitable for many situations and target consumers. Within this questionnaire, we make the difference between products that are "organic with organic label" and those "organic without organic label". This is an original feature of this research instrument, which differentiate it and the research that used it from other studies on consumer behaviour of organic food. The main aspects investigated in the questionnaire are: buying, information, eating habits, interests and preferences, consumption motivation, perceptions for/on organic food and organic producers, information sources, budget spent on organic food, price perception, consumers perception on social pressure related to their organic food consumption, consumers' degree of environmental concern, demographic and other general information on consumers.

Reference: Petrescu, D. C. (2013). Consumer behaviour on organic food: detailed questionnaire as research instrument. AES Bioflux 5(3): 261-273. Online: