Considerations for Buying Local Food and Implications for Advertisements

Abstract: We employ a novel adaptation of self-construal theory to explain the theoretical basis of factors that influence organic food purchase decisions. Study 1 reveals that egoistic (e. g., personal health) and altruistic (e. g., environmental) considerations simultaneously predict consumers' organic attitudes and purchase intentions. Study 2 indicates that societal considerations play a more influential role for green/organic products. Study 3 tests advertising treatments utilizing egoistic and/or altruistic claims. Results show that an ad featuring both egoistic and altruistic appeals produces more favorable responses than either an egoistic treatment or a control ad, but is equally effective as an ad featuring altruistic claims.

Reference: Kareklas, I., et al. "I Eat Organic for My Benefit and Yours": Egoistic and Altruistic Considerations for Purchasing Organic Food and Their Implications for Advertising Strategists. Journal of Advertising 43(1): 18-32. Available online at