What has the scientific community discovered about the quality, nutritional characteristics and production practices used in organic agriculture? Use the menu on the left to check out summaries, grouped according to topic, of peer-reviewed, scientific studies by international scientists and researchers regarding many aspects of organic agriculture. Approximately 280 articles are summarized on this website.

Selection of Articles

The goal of this project is to capture existing data from English-language peer-reviewed articles in the scientific community to provide information about organic agriculture so that users can draw their own conclusions. Information also can be used to help focus future research. Summaries of new research will be added to this website on a periodic basis as they become available. Read more about the project.

This project does not make any attempt to recommend organically grown food over conventionally grown food, or to infer that organically grown food could provide nutritional health benefits, perceived or otherwise.

Research cited on this website was selected if two conditions were met:

  1. The research was published in a scientific, peer-reviewed journal or publication, and
  2. The research involved a comparison or specific trait of organic food.

This website contains abstracts of the original articles, with appropriate references listed for a full review of articles. Descriptions about the scientific findings and conclusions are those of the original author, and not this project.